“The character of a man is measured in many ways, but the way he lives gives himself and his talents”

Apostle Floyd E. Nelson, a native of Grand Bay, Alabama, was born to the proud parents of the late Bishop Leroy and Mother Mary Lee Nelson. He is the fourth child of thirteen siblings. Apostle Nelson was that first born Mother Mary Lee Nelson, much like Hanna prayed to conceive. God called Apostle Nelson at an early age. Like Samuel, he preached his first unrecorded sermon at the tender age of five.

As years passed he grew to be strong, courageous and he became a leader among his peers. Apostle Nelson graduated from Mobile County High School “class of 1972”. To be an example, God uses Apostle Nelson with only a high school education to counsel to the weary, build churches and a leader in his community.

Apostle Nelson is married to Leona Allen Nelson and they have five daughters and one adopted son: Venicia, Tejuania, Le’Amber, Ebony, Bradley and Curtis, along with eleven grandchildren. He also gained one devoted mother-in-law, Mother Leanna Hunt.

Apostle Nelson was saved in 1973 according to the Apostle’s Doctrine. He was called into the ministry and officially ordained Elder in 1975. In 1980, he was elected National Evangelist; in 1986 he was elevated to the office of a Bishop and General Overseer of the Lighthouse Apostolic Holiness Church Inc.

In July 2000, he was ordained as an Apostle and currently oversees five outreach churches; Lighthouse Church of Atmore, Lighthouse Church of Biloxi, Lighthouse Church of Prichard, Lighthouse Church of Mt. Vernon and Lighthouse Back to Pentecost of Memphis.

Apostle Nelson earned his Doctorate of Divinity Degree in January 1994 from the Bible Institute of Portsmouth, Virginia and his second degree from Logos Christian College.

Apostle Nelson is the director and vice president of the Alliance of the Apostolic Churches in Christ Jesus (AACCJ), president of the Lighthouse Child Development Centers in Grand Bay and Atmore, president of Lighthouse Tours, Vice President of Nehemiah Builders, Inc and Vice Chairman of the Lighthouse Community Development Corporation.

After 21 years of hard work as an engineer, the Lord enabled Apostle Nelson to retire from Landry Shipbuilding and devote his time to the ministry. Apostle Nelson’s hard work, dedication and commitment speak for him. His favorite saying he often use is the saying of President John F. Kennedy, “It’s not What My Country Can Do for Me, but What I Can Do for My Country.”

Apostle Nelson has built more that six churches across the Southeastern United States. He is a member of the Downtown Mobile Rotary, member of the American Clergymen International Federation for World Peace and a board member of the Mobile County School System Advisory Board.

Through his renowned influence, he has been able to touch many lives both on a national and international level. In 2000, he organized the 2000 LA Experience (Back to Azusa) held in Los Angeles, California that included pastors from the AACCJ, Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Clarence McClendon and Bishop Kenneth Ulmer just to name a few!

Apostle Nelson has received many awards and recognitions such as the Parent of the Year Award (2001) for the state of Alabama by the American Family Coalition of Alabama, Pastor of the Year (2001) and Master Builder Award (2001) from WLVV 1410 AM.

Before the foundation of the world, Apostle Nelson was predestined and called by God to be a pillar for his community and surrounding areas.

The Lord has given Apostle Nelson a vision to lead the people of God to new dimensions in Christ. With his God-given talent and special anointing, he has inspired and transformed the lives of many to a positive sense of direction including the young and the old. His ultimate goal is to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.